Hidrojen Peroksit

Hydrogen Peroxide

Technical name peroxide (HOOH) tractor. Known locally hydrogen peroxide (3% aqueous solution), perhidrol (30% aqueous solution). Chemical names of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Original color (solid state) is open matte blue. Mix with water color: no. Density 1.44 g/cm3. The molecular weight of 34.02 g / mol. -0.43 ° C. Melting temperature Its chemical formula is H2O2. Discovered Louis Jacques Thenard (1818).
Hydrogen peroxide in the English language name, the name Wasserstoffperoxid in German, the French name peroxyde d'hydrogène, Ytalyancadaki perossido di idrogeno name, in Spanish that the hidrógeno peróxido.

Due to the potential danger of the product is suitable for use on clothing: Tight gloves, gowns, pants, jackets, boots, or respiratory device with the title and full protective chemical clothing. Product information provided by vendors, neoprene, nitrile or natural rubber polivinilklorürlü show that it provides adequate protection. Leather gloves or shoes should not be used because of flames. In addition, the flammable cotton clothes. This effect may occur immediately or after a certain period. Protective skin creams should not be used to not provide any protection for Hydrogen Peroxide.

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Extraction of Hydrogen Peroxide

In general, two methods can be obtained:

1. Barium oxide, barium peroxide is obtained by heating in air at 500 ° C to obtain the combination of sulfuric acid.

BaO2 ® BaSO4 + H2O2 + H2SO4

When the electrolysis of concentrated sulfuric acid peroksidisülfat acid occurs. The resulting acid consists of hydrogen peroxide by the reaction with water.

H2S2O8 2H2SO4 + H2O2 + 2H2O ®

2. Hydrogen peroxide oxidation to obtain ethyl antrakinonun.



65-liter drums, IBC tanks, and the sale is made in bulk.

Characteristics of Hydrogen Peroxide

Physical and Chemical Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide
Kimyasal Adı

Hidrojen Peroksit

Kimyasal formülü

H2O2 , HOOH, 2(HO)

Molekül Ağırlığı 34.02 g/mol
Yoğunluk (25°C) 1.19 (%50 lik), 1,07(%30 luk), 1,13 (%35), 1,24(%60 lık)
Ergime noktası -0,43°C
Kaynama noktası 150.2 °C, 423 K, 302 °F
Donma Noktası -0.43 °C, 273 K, 31 °F
pH 5.0 - 6.0 (%1'lik çözeltide)
Renk Açık mavi, Suyla karışımda yok
Koku Keskin
CAS numarası 7722-84-1

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Mining sector
Metallurgical industry,
Cosmetics industry
pharmaceutical industry,
food packaging industry,
Waste water treatment industry,
Tekstik sector
The paper manufacturing industry,
and so on. used in industries

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